Thursday, October 6, 2011

craft show

This weekend I'll be attending my first craft show - the Maple Grove Women of Today Fall Festival Craft Show.  I'm looking forward to the experience.  Here is a little peak at some of the items I'll be selling.

tissue holders
tissue holder

bibs - made using this pattern

wallets - pattern

library totes
tote bags

baby slippers - pattern
crib shoes

Christmas stockings
 That's not all but it is a sampling of what I'll be selling.
I'll try get some pictures of my table and post them next week.

So, I'm almost ready...just need to price a few more items!  Oh, and finish some key fobs if I get the supplies before the show!


  1. Such a colourful selection of items! Good luck with the craft show, will look forward to seeing a photo of your table.

  2. you make such cute things!!! and I read the maple grove part and had to click over and make sure it was maple grove, mn. cool! I'm from down by la crosse, but am always up in the cities when I get the chance.