Wednesday, February 8, 2012

works in progress

I have a couple projects that I am slowly getting done...doing a little here and a little there between other sewing that I've been keeping myself busy with.

First is the quilt I am making using up some of my scraps.

quilt blocks

quilt blocks

Then I have this little embroidery that I've been picking up and working on when I have a few quiet minutes in the evening.

embroidery WIP

Now if I could just have a few more quiet moments this might get done sooner!


  1. that's a sweet embroidery pattern, is she hanging up christmas stockings on the line and a quilt? Good luck with the quiet moments ..

  2. Very sweet pattern! I got the embroidery cotton from Lucille and there is PILES of it! We will have to sort through it next time we get together!