Friday, March 23, 2012

reversible baby dress

Littlest sister couldn't be left out...she needs some summer clothes too.
Another quick and easy pattern (this one reversible!).
There is something so satisfying about sitting down at the sewing machine and a few minutes later (well maybe closer to an hour or two) have a new outfit for the little one!

I did a button closure on the back instead of doing a loop closure like the pattern shows.

I love that this can be worn with a shirt underneath and a pair of jeggings for those cooler days! 

And the reverse side... with the little diaper cover for when the days really heat up!

summer baby outfit


  1. So stinking cute! And I love your fabric choices.

  2. Very cute Jen! I'd love one in Anibell's size! 2T.:) Let me know if you get around to making one...i'd buy it!

  3. Love that fabric! So bright and colorful!