Monday, April 2, 2012

more quick change trousers

Remember this stack of fabric.
Well, it became a couple pairs of quick change trousers.
These ones are on their way to some twin nephews!

quick change trousers

quick change trousers

quick change trousers

Now I'll try not post any more of these pants for awhile! :)
Have a great week!


  1. whenever I see great children clothes I wish I wasn't that old yet - I'm doing my best with "inapprobriate" colourful socks and T-shirts. But now it's really tempting to add some colourful trousers.

  2. Love those. I should start sewing some more pants for my boy, they are so much fun. I did for his sister more often when she was a baby.
    By the way, I am intrigued how you made your pants stand-up alone.

    1. These pants are lined and were stiff enough to stand up all alone! :)

  3. They'll be darling on those boys! (if they're headed in this direction)