Wednesday, August 15, 2012

scrap fabric organization

I have done some scrap organization this summer.
With the girls busy playing outside, I go enjoy the sunshine too 
but bring along one of my scrap bins and get to work.
I have hopes to make a quilt using 2.5-inch squares so I cut some of the smaller scraps into squares.
I saved strips that were too skinny to cut into 2.5-inch squares because I hate throwing out pretty fabric!
I also have a section in my scrap bin for the bigger scraps.
My green scrap bin will demonstrate for you:

scrap fabric

Hopefully this organization and the pre-cut squares will help me be ambitious 
and get a scrap quilt done this winter!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012


My girls love to make forts (or get my husband or I to make it for them).
Then we have chairs tipped over, cushions off the couch, blankets over everything.
When I saw this on Pinterest, I thought it was such a great idea.
I showed my husband the picture and he went straight to work building one for the girls.
Once he was finished, it was my turn to get sewing.
It is mostly made from thrifted sheets...the exception being the roof fabric.
The appliques and curtains were all made from fabric I had on hand.




playhouse mailbox

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