Thursday, September 20, 2012

patchwork travel pillows

I wanted to make the girls some neck travel pillows before we went on our road trip to visit family in SK.  Using this pattern and some scrap fabric, I got these done just in time.

travel pillow

travel pillow

patchwork travel pillow

These pillows worked great and the girls were excited to use them!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

craft bag

My oldest turned 4 this summer.
Earlier in the year, I had seen the Crafty Chloe book illustrated by Heather Ross.
I bought it and stashed it away for her birthday.
Well, imagine my excitement when I heard about the Crafty Chloe fabric at Hancock Fabrics.
I ordered some up right away and made a little craft bag to go with her book.

Crafty Chloe book and bag

crafty chloe book and bag

Crafty Chloe bag

craft bag made using this great tutorial

There are some fat quarter bundles of this Crafty Chloe fabric available in the shop.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PDF pattern storage

Wow, that was quite the blog break!
We enjoyed some time in SK visiting family and now we are back home
trying to get back into the swing of things...which seems to be taking longer than it should. :)
Anyway, here's a blog post that I had prepared to post before we left but never got around to posting it.

I have quite a few PDF patterns and also some tutorials found online that I have printed.
I always save a copy of the PDF pattern on my computer but I also print them because I like to have a paper copy in front of me while making it.
I organized my patterns this summer and thought I'd share with you what I did.

I put patterns with many pages in report covers.
If the pattern has small pattern pieces, I put these at the back in a plastic sleeve.

PDF pattern storage

I then put these patterns in a couple magazine files I found at Goodwill.
I also sorted the patterns by color:  dark blue - clothing, green - toys, red - shoes...

PDF pattern storage

The patterns that don't have many pages or short tutorials that I found online and printed were put in plastic sleeves in a binder.

PDF pattern storage

PDF pattern storage

And here are the patterns tucked in the closet by the scraps!
It feels good to have these organized.

PDF pattern storage