Monday, February 4, 2013

flea market fancy lap quilt

I made my Mom this lap quilt for Christmas but forgot to take pictures of it.
Mom was kind enough to snap a few and send them to me so I could post them on here.
I showed a sneak peek of it here!
I made this quilt using Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt and back it with a flannel sheet.
The same flannel used to make these pajama pants! 

patchwork quilt

Flea Market Fancy quilt

quilt - denyse schmidt


  1. Very cute quilt, like the oversized use of chevrons!

  2. Very lovely! I just bought a fq bundle of FMF yesterday. I think they are lovely fabrics and your quilt shows them beautifully!

  3. love it - its amazing. I love the design and the colors :-)

  4. Lovely! Ah, I love Flea Market Fancy...

  5. Gorgeous! Perfect quilt pattern for these fabrics!