Thursday, April 25, 2013

keep clean bib

Just stopping by to let you know our good news - 
A baby boy joined our family on Sunday, April 21st at 1:32 pm!  Everyone is very excited and the girls LOVE their new brother!  I hope to have a couple pictures to share later.


In other/shop news, I just released my new bib pattern.  The Keep Clean Bib is an easy quick-sew, full-coverage bib PDF pattern.  The pattern/tutorial includes many color pictures to guide you in making a bib for your little one.  The bib is one size and fits most children from the age of 9 months all the way to 24 months.  This pattern is available as an instant download.  (Thank you Etsy!)
Pattern available here.

Keep Clean Bib

Keep Clean Bib

Keep Clean Bib front and back Photos courtesy of Crystal Lee Photography.

I'll share photos from my pattern testers next week!  They made some cute bibs!

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  1. Congratulations Jen. How exciting to have a little boy! Hope you are all well.....

    (The bib photos look great - a very sweet pattern.)

    Marina xx