Monday, June 24, 2013

Oliver + S ice cream dress

I have had this Japanese fabric sitting in my stash for a while now.
I finally decided to cut into it and make my youngest daughter an Oliver + S ice cream dress.
A good use of this border fabric I think.

Oliver + S ice cream dress

I ran into a couple issues while making this.  For one,  the button ended up on the wrong side (should be on the left I think).  I also had a bit of trouble with the bottom light blue strip and I ended up with a bit of extra fabric that had to be tucked a bit at the side seam.  Not a huge deal but next time I make it I'll have to try read the instructions a little closer and see if I did something wrong. 

Oliver + S ice cream dress

This will fit her for a long time as it is a little bit on her now and will look great as a tunic as well!
I love getting mileage out of the clothes I make!  :)

ice cream dress

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

camo lunch bag

For Father's Day, I made my husband a lunch bag using Pink Penguin's tutorial (but made it a little bigger).  After seeing the bag I made for our daughter last year, he mentioned that I should make one for him to use as a lunch bag.  I didn't really take him seriously but he mentioned it again a few days before Father's Day so I decided to get busy.

lunch bag pink penguin tutorial

I find it hard to choose fabric for a guy project.  While walking around in Joann's, I came across this camo shirting fabric and decided to go with it.  I paired it with some stone-colored quilter's linen I had on hand.  The lining inside is a green quilter's cotton.  I also lined it with Insul-Bright to help keep his lunch cool.

lunch bag for dad

He was quite pleased with his new lunch bag and has proudly carried it to work the past couple days!  :)

camo lunch bag

Thursday, June 13, 2013

flea market fancy quilt

I started this quilt near the end of last year.  I was making one for my Mom at the same time.
Mom's quilt got finished in time to give it to her for Christmas but this one got tucked in the closet for a few months.  It was pulled out at some point, spray basted, then rolled up and tucked behind the door until just recently (during our cool, cloudy, rainy stretch of weather) when it was pulled back out, quilted and bound.

Flea Market Fancy quilt

I used my new machine to quilt this one...what a dream!
I love all the features that making quilting so much easier (throat space, dual-feed device...).

Flea Market Fancy quilt

This quilt is backed with a flannel sheet and is oh so cozy!

Flea Market Fancy quilt

Flea Market Fancy quilt

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP - using my new Janome MC8200

I started this Flea Market Fancy quilt before Christmas.  I am 
finally finishing it up and enjoying doing so using my new sewing machine!


I have been thinking and dreaming about a new machine for the past while.
I was thinking about getting the Janome MC6300 but then did more
research and discovered the Janome MC8200 and fell in love.  However, I 
decided that I couldn't spend that much money on a sewing machine and I would 
make do with my Brother and maybe look for a new machine with a lower price tag.

My husband had a different idea though.  A few days before Mother's Day, he
surprised me with a new machine...the Janome MC8200!  (He's just the best!) 
I've been sewing on it for a little over a month now and am really loving it. 
I first used it to make the dresses for my daughters and really appreciated that
it had a free arm.  Then, while working on the quilt shown above, I enjoyed
all the throat space. It is so nice!  No more wrestling matches like this one.

I'm still learning all the features of this machine and am looking forward to
piecing a quilt top on it!

Monday, June 3, 2013

fair and square dresses

My sister is getting married this summer, which means I had a great excuse to buy another dress pattern to make three dresses!  I used Tie Dye Diva's Fair & Square dress pattern.  I love this pattern and am sure I'll get much use out of it.

dresses - tie dye diva


back of dresses

The little flower detail just adds to the cuteness!  I didn't sew these to the dress like the pattern says but rather pinned them on using safety pins, that way they can be removed if needed.

fair & square flower

With my new sewing machine (more on that later), I created little size tags.  I have never before put sizes on the clothes I have made but have sometimes wished I had.  It can be hard to remember what size something is when passing clothes down from girl to girl. 

size on the dress

All three dresses...waiting for that day in August when little girls will wear them!

fair & square dresses

Fabrics used - Quilter's Linen Grey and Lavender, Petal Pushers Stripes Grey, Riley Blake Willow Dot Grey, Riley Blake Chevron Small Tonal Lavender.

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